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29th June 2017

Animal Agents - summer reading challenge in Warwickshire Libraries

Don't forget to head with your children to your local library for the Summer Reading Challenge over the school holidays. This year's national theme is built on an animal detective story. As well as offering free incentives and final medal and certificate to those who read 6 books over the summer period, libraries will offer supporting craft and puzzle sessions and some libraries will have sessions with Zoolab or take part in a "Whodunit" with story-teller Sue Andrews. Check what is going on in your local library via or or tel. 0300 555 8171.

29th June 2017

Last week in Year 2 at St Oswald's Church of England Academy, children took part in a range of maths challenges! On Thursday, they had to use all their maths knowledge to solve the Mystery of the Muddled up Fidget Spinners and on Friday they were given a set of Lego Create cards and had to use the numbers to solve lots of different place value, addition and subtraction challenges. The children worked really well in their groups, and supported each other to solve the problems and produced some excellent work - they also had lots of fun whilst they were learning.


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