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Director at Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust

The Board is looking for expressions of interest from appropriately skilled, experienced and qualified people to sit on the Multi Academy Trust Board for a period up to four years.

Directors of a multi academy trust fulfil the role of both directors under company law and trustees under charity law. The attached NGA information sheet gives more details and summarises the following duties of a MAT director:
     • Strategic direction;
     • Performance of the Trust;
     • Compliance;
     • Prudent management of resources;
     • Good governance.


Following a skills audit it has emerged that the Board would benefit from people who can demonstrate the following:
     • Experience of Human Resources policy and processes;
     • Knowledge and experience of the community served by the Trust;
     • Skills in marketing and promotions;
     • Knowledge and experience of the law, especially as it relates to education;
     • Experience of fundraising;
     • Knowledge and experience of Health and Safety;
     • Knowledge and experience of property and estate management;
     • Expertise in school improvement and scrutiny of educational performance (all phases).


Directors would also like to build more diversity into the Board so expressions of interest from minority groups would be welcomed.

We appreciate that appointment to the Board of Directors is a significant commitment and brings weighty responsibilities. If someone would like to be involved at a less senior level then we are also looking for people to fulfil roles on committees. Work areas for these committees have not yet been agreed and terms of reference haven’t been discussed but they are likely to include:
     • Governance;
     • Resources (inc Business and Finance);
     • Audit;
     • Education, Standards and Ethos;
     • People (inc Remuneration).

Therefore, in addition to the attributes required for the Board of Directors, we are also looking for people with relevant skills and experiences who are prepared to join committees.


The Board of Directors usually meets six times a year, on a weekday, in the evening. However, the possibility of daytime meetings has been proposed but will not be fully discussed until we have filled the Board vacancies.

It is envisaged that most committees will meet 6 times a year (in the months when the Board does not meet). The Audit Committee is likely to meet 3 or 4 times a year.


If you believe you have the skills, knowledge and experience we are looking for, we would then ask you to:
     • Read the document enclosed: Governance within the Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy  Trust 2019-20
     • Read the document enclosed: National Governors Association (2016). Role description – Trustee in an academy trust
     • Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI)
     • Complete the skills self assessment
     • Send the EOI and skills self assessment to


While there is no closing date, we would urge expressions of interest and self assessments to be returned as soon as possible.  We believe Director recruitment should be an ongoing process to enable us to continually identify people with the correct mix of skills, experience, knowledge and background that will provide the Trust with a governance structure that gives the 4,500 children in our eighteen academies the best start in life.

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