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The Diocese of Coventry

Multi Academy Trust

Together, pursuing life in all its fullness

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Register of Interests


 Name Pecuniary and
 Business Interests
 Relationships Date of 
 Amy Bills

 None Declared

 None Declared None
 April Gold

 Trustee - Diocesan   Board of Finance

 Curate - Hillmorton   Parish

 Trustee - Together for   Change

 CEO - Coventry Diocesan   Board of Education

 Trustee - Nicholas   Chamberlain Trust

 None   Declared 19-10-23
 Barry   Cockcroft

 None Declared

 None Declared None   Declared 26-09-23
 None Declared None declared None

 Bishop of   Coventry Royalties – 
 Canterbury Press and 

 SPCK Publishing, 

 royalties; currently not 

 exceeding £500 per

 annum but subject to 

 possible change in 



 Holdings –
 rental income

 Trustee - Coventry
 refugee and Migrant

 Trustee - St Faith's
 Shelter, Coventry

 President - Coventry 

 and Warwickshire 


 Chairman of the
 – St Gabriel’s
 CofE Academy (Houlton)

 Member – Blue Coat
 CofE Academy

 Member - Henley in 
 Arden CofE Academy

 Member – Arden Forest
 CofE Academy

 Court Member –
 University of Leicester

 Chair of Trustees 
 Coventry 2020
 Educational Trust

 Vice-president –
 Medical & Life Sciences
 Research Fund

 Trustee – St
 Peter’s Saltley Trust

 Council of Reference 

 – Shakespeare

 birthplace Trust

 None Declared None Declared None



 None Declared Governor - Crown Meadow 
 First School and Nursery
 None   Declared 15-09-23
 Heather   Lees

 Interim Director of 

 Camphill Village Trust

 None Declared None
 Ian Dewes None Declared

 Governor - Northlands   Primary School

 National Leader of 


 CEO - Odyssey 

 Collaborative Trust

 Occasional Trainer -   Warwickshire Governor   Services



 Jessica   Moore None Declared

 Project Manager - The   Beacon Pilot (until 


 None   Declared 25-09-23
 None Declared  None Declared None   Declared 15-09-23
 Keith   Tudor

 Owner - Company   Guardian Ltd

 Owner - Agrico 
 International Ltd

 Owner - Quinvex Ltd

 Director/Guarantor - 

 Millfield Barns Access 1

Owner/Director - T3i Holdings Ltd

Owner/Director - Oaklands Group  Holdings Ltd

Owner/Director - Oaklands Recycling Ltd

Owner/Director - Oaklands Building Supplies Ltd

Owner/Director - Oaklands International Ltd

Owner/Director - Oaklands Plastics Ltd Holdings Ltd

 None Declared None   Declared 15-09-23
 None Declared

 Director - Diocesan Board

 of Education

 AGC Member - St James   CofE Academy

 AGC Member - St   Bartholomew's CofE Academy




 None Declared Governor - The Dassett
 CofE Primary School
 None Declared

 Director - Mandy Coalter 

 HR Ltd, trading as Talent


 Director/Trustee - 

 Teaching Awards Trust



 Michael     Cowland None Declared

 None Declared



 None Declared

 Vice Chair - Coventry
 Diocesan Board of






 Director – Whitfield 

 Consultants Ltd

 Governor/Director/Chair   of Audit & Risk Committee   – Lawrence Sheriff School

 Member –  The Griffin Primary School




 Director/Trustee -   Transforming Notts 


 None Declared



 Sarah-Jane   Anderson None Declared None Declared  None   Declared12-09-23

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